Laughing. at your Security since 2013


Hacked for OP_Kashmir!
Messege for Indian Lammers:-

You Guys are mad.You think you can hack into pakistan cyberspace?

Fuck off noobs.We are here to protect our country.

We're here to responce you sheeps

We're Stronger than You ! We're better than You ! We're watching you All Bitches but waiting for the right time to fuck your Country !Never Mess With Us !

Message For Indian Media :-

You are misguiding the people and the world but kashmir belongs to us Motherfuckers You guys can't take kashmir with your media stunts.Grow up Fucking lamers

Message for Indian Public:- -

Fuck your media , Fuck your Gov , Well fuck yourself too . You are noting but world ditiest and ugliest nation.You are a superpower oh FUCKOFF 37.2% population of a superpower is in extreme poverty.

Free Kashmir freedom is our goal -

You are raping kashmiri women,Killing innocent people. kashmir demands freedom fuckers.Go send your fucking army somewhere else. kashmire is A part of Pakistan.You fuckers can never take kasmir with Your Fucking army . You are just fucking lamers you can't do anythig.

WE will keep on fucking you until the freedom of kasmir

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