Sherlock Trust Manager v8.0


Residential, Sales, Commercial, Holiday Booking Trust Management, Single or Split Trust and all in one program.

Fully automated End of Month, ArchiveHUB, all over in minutes and start
receipting again. Repairs, Inspections, Email, SMS, digital collation, professional.

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S.O.L.D. v6

SQL/CRM, full Customer Relationship Management System, complete office solution with Team Control. Reports material for iPad presentations. Manage all aspects of the Real Estate sales cycle, Prospecting to Appraisal to Settlement.
Easy XML upload to major website portals. Calendar sync with Google Calendar.

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EDM, Electronic Document Management, with OCR, drag n’ drop, Split, Store, Search, Retrieve, View, Re-send any document anytime. Office efficiency, environmentally friendly, reduce labour, ink, time. Scrap paper based storage systems and filing cabinets.  Saves TIME & MONEY.


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Inspector Sherlock

Website developmentWEBSITE DEVELOPMENT

Real Estate, Rental, Sales, Holiday or a business on the WEB with eCommerce. We have templates, booking engines, gateways, automated updating, XML export feeds, reporting the lot.  
Sherlock can definitely help.

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Sherlock Software specialising in Real Estate Software for over 30 years.

Sherlock Software offers a range of products specialising in real estate trust accounting software, customer relationship management software, electronic document archive software, holiday booking software, property inspection software and website development.

Our diverse product range enables residential, commercial, sales and holiday businesses to organise their entire portfolio with ease and efficiency.


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